Synchronize listings

Real estate agents can list on Snap Up Real Estate for free!

Post Property Listings Manually

Create an account first to save and manage all your listings.

Easily post your for sale and for rent listings.

You will be able to connect your account to your synced listings if you want to do that as well.

Sync Your MLS Listings to Snap Up Real Estate

If you have several active listings, you’ll probably appreciate this option! We’ve spent a lot of time implementing this option to make your life easier.

Syncing is through CREA, and only takes a couple minutes to turn on through your control panel.
The managing broker of the office needs to opt-in for the office.

Here is a step by step guide to sync your listings to Snap Up Real Estate.

  1. Login here, Use your CREA login credentials.
  2. Access ‘Third Party Destination’ controls. (You may need to turn on Third Party Destinations for your office if you haven’t already done this.)
  3. Available Destinations - here you should find a list of sites you can distribute your listings to. Find Snap Up Real Estate in the list and click ‘On’.
  4. Click ‘Save’ at the bottom.

To get VIP access to premium features for agents as they come out, create an account on Snap Up Real Estate here. Be sure to check the box, ‘Are you an industry professional?’ and indicate your current role. Don’t worry, it can be changed later.


For related help, CREA has asked that we direct all inquiries to their support desk at 1-888-237-7945. (We do not have access to the control panel.)

For Snap Up Real Estate related help, please email or call 250-574-2932.

How do I update listings?

For synced listings, you simply update your listings as usual through or your local real estate board’s system. The data feed syncs on a daily basis, so your updates will be updated daily. Likewise, when you remove a listing from CREA / MLS, it will be removed from Snap Up Real Estate within a day.

For manually posted listings, you can edit and remove listings from within your account.

Want to see what synced listings look like?

Here’s a brokerage in Kamloops that syncs their listings to Snap Up Real Estate:

Since you asked…