Real estate agents can list properties for free!

Chances are, your listings are already on Snap Up Real Estate. If your brokerage has opted-in to the National Shared Pool through CREA, then your listings are already syncing to Snap Up Real Estate.

If you do not want your listings to sync to Snap Up Real Estate, you can opt-out from your dashboard. Snap Up Real Estate has no control over which listings are received from CREA's datafeed.

Enquiries on Listings

When someone enquires on a listing they find on Snap Up Real Estate, what happens?
It depends on what kind of listing it is:

If they enquire on a rental listing, the email goes to the listing agent or property manager.

If they enquire on a 'for sale' listing synced from CREA, then the email goes to Snap Up Real Estate or an agent selected to represent that listing type in their area. Licensed agents can apply to represent select listings in their area.

If they enquire on a manually posted listing, the email will go to the person who posted the listing.

Post Property Listings Manually

Create an account first to save and manage all your listings.

Easily post your for sale and for rent listings.


For related help, CREA has asked that we direct all inquiries to their support desk at 1-888-237-7945.

For Snap Up Real Estate related help, please email [email protected] or call 250-574-2932.

How do I update listings?

For synced listings, you simply update your listings as usual through or your local real estate board’s system. The data feed syncs on a daily basis, so your updates will be updated daily. Likewise, when you remove a listing from CREA / MLS, it will be removed from Snap Up Real Estate within a day.

For manually posted listings, you can edit and remove listings from within your account.